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La importancia de un blog para una tienda online

En un mundo tan competitivo como el actual, y en especial el entorno online, cualquier detalle puede marcar la diferencia, por lo que resulta indispensable aprovechar todos los canales disponibles en la red para atraer usuarios y potenciales clientes. En el sector del comercio electrónico, con los costes de atraer clientes cada día más elevados, […]

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Alexa, Cortana Become New BFFs

Microsoft and Amazon this week announced a deal that will let their voice-controlled digital assistants, Cortana and Alexa, engage in cross-platform communications. Microsoft customers will be able to access Alexa voice commands by saying “Cortana, open Alexa” on any device that supports Cortana, which is available on millions of desktops, laptops, tablets and other devices.

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Google releases SDK for augmented reality apps on Android

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It’s time to move to Win10 Creators Update – for all the wrong reasons

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New SanDisk microSD card enables an app speed boost for Android users

SanDisk this week introduced the 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, which is not only the world’s highest capacity microSD card but one from which smartphones, tablets or laptops can run applications.

According to SanDisk, the micro SDcard achieves UHS Speed Class 1 – the best performance available for a microSD card and one that enables the speedy loading and running of apps.

“What this means for users is that, in theory, they will no longer be limited to only having apps on the main memory in the device,” said Jack Gold, principal analyst with J. Gold Associates. “Many users fill up that memory and now they have an option, if the device supports it, to greatly expand the amount of apps they can use on the device. This is pretty much equivalent to putting a USB drive on your computer and running apps from that.”

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Is there a wage growth puzzle in America?

TODAY’S labour market report showed that the American economy created 156,000 net new jobs in August. That was a bit less than expected, but payrolls are still growing comfortably faster than the working-age population. Despite having created over 2m jobs in the last year, pushing unemployment below 4.5% for the last five months, wage growth remains muted, at around 2.5%, compared to more like 3.5% the last time unemployment was comparably low. In a recent article for the print edition, I analysed one potential explanation for weak wage growth: retirements of high-earnings baby-boomers.

Scott Sumner has taken issue with the premise of my piece. He says there is no puzzle at all. Instead, slow wage growth is being caused by slow growth in nominal GDP (cash-terms spending in the economy)…Continue reading

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When did Apple begin to think different about the iPhone Home button?

Apple is now expected to lose the Home button on the iPhone 8, replacing it with gesture controls. The decision sounded quite shocking, but on closer reflection, Apple appears to have been hedging its bets on the future of the Home button for longer than we thought.

iPhone Home game

Think about it like this: Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this time last year. These new devices were very successful, attracted lots of new and upgrading users and wowed them all with their excellent cameras. But they did a little more than this. They also subtly changed the nature of the Home button — these new Apple smartphones just weren’t as reliant on the button as these devices had been until then.

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Virtual Reality

SIGGRAPH 2017: Virtual Reality Is Alive and Flourishing

The SIGGRAPH conference is a year event that focuses on the latest in computer graphics and other interactive arts. It is a multidiscipline show, mixing computer imaging with other physical creations. It is also a crossroads for the film, video game, commercial, research and education industries. It has a forward-looking vision while celebrating the recent and not-so-recent past.

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Review: Asus VivoBook W202 with Windows 10 S

When Microsoft announced its new Windows 10 S operating system in May, the company put security front and center. To keep rogue programs from entering an organization’s digital ecosystem, the OS runs all software in a protected container and allows only apps that have been vetted by the Microsoft Windows Store and comply with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) standards to be installed.

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