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ICO stands for Investor Caution Obligatory

HERE is the deal. You can buy an entry in a computer ledger issued by a startup company on the basis of an unregulated prospectus. It is called an “initial coin offering” or ICO. But though the ledger entry is called a coin, you cannot spend it in any shop. And whereas the use of the term ICO makes it sound like an IPO (initial public offering), the process whereby a firm lists on a stockmarket, coin ownership does not necessarily get you equity in the company concerned.

This sounds like the kind of bargain that would appeal only to people who reply to e-mails from Nigerian princes offering to transfer millions to their accounts. But ICOs may well be the most popular investment craze since the dotcom boom of 1999-2000; even Paris Hilton, a celebrity heiress, has jumped on the bandwagon. The list of active, upcoming and recent ICOs on the website “ICO alert” covers 31 pages of A4 paper and includes around 600 companies. More than $2bn has been raised in…Continue reading

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What the analysts are saying about Apple’s iPhone launch

Apple’s big reveal will happen on this day at 10am PDT and we’ll be live blogging events as they happen right here. While you wait, here’s a rolling selection of commentary from across the analyst community. Seen anything else? Send it in to see it added here. Will update again after the show.

On the $1,000 iPhone

“We’ve never had any phone that cost this much,” Creative Strategies analyst, Ben Bajarin told the FT. He observes that Apple recognizes the strength of its customer loyalty and is simply “giving them more options”.

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